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 DAVID ABDULLAH “Fidel inspires labour leaders”

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PostSubject: DAVID ABDULLAH “Fidel inspires labour leaders”   Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:27 am

How people like DAVID ABDULLAH and ANCEL ROGET fool their followers, according to them FIDEL CASTRO is there comrade but read the following:

“There still is no freedom of association, no genuine collective bargaining and the right to strike is still not recognised in law. Six of the seven independent trade union leaders sentenced to lengthy terms in 2003 remained in prison. An independent trade union leader was arrested at the beginning of the year.”


DAVID ABDULLAH “Fidel inspires labour leaders”

TRADE UNIONISTS yesterday heralded the legacy of Fidel Castro, saying he would remain an “inspiration” to the local labour sector notwithstanding his decision to step down as leader of the Cuban people.
David Abdullah, president of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions and NGOs, called Castro “a remarkable human being.”

“(He is) a truly remarkable human being and an outstanding leader who has provided inspiration to millions the world over in their struggle for social justice, equity, dignity and peace.”

“We salute Fidel for the five decades of leadership of the Cuban Revolution and we look forward to his continuing involvement through his invaluable and wise writings and his contribution as a soldier in the ‘battle of ideas’,” Abdullah said in a press release, quoting from the closing lines of Castro’s resignation letter in which he promised, “to fight as a soldier in the battle of ideas.”,73583.html
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DAVID ABDULLAH “Fidel inspires labour leaders”
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